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Learning Plan for MOSS

As a developer, would you like to learn more about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)? MOSS is based on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, which gives developers the opportunity to get more problems solved with less effort. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 takes full advantage of Microsoft ASP.NET and the Microsoft .NET runtime. The new features and added programmability support in MOSS provide a wealth of development opportunities. This course will immerse you in many of the developer-centric capabilities of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.


SharePoint Roles...

As we speak with different recruiters as well as SharePoint resources it has become painfully clear that there is not a common understanding of the different roles which need to be filled in organizations.

Major Roles
  • SharePoint Administrator
  • SharePoint Developer
  • SharePoint Architect
  • SharePoint "Mutt"


Recruiter hints...

So you are looking for that elusive resource to fill a position using "some Microsoft tool" called SharePoint?

Everyone you call wants more money than the client is offering or is not interested in a one month contract?


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